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Colorful handles made from compressed fabric

24 March 2016 Comments (0) Events

For Easter, Nontron suggests the best gift idea that will please all knife collectors !

The famous Nontron pocket knife becomes a wonderful dessert

Easter celebration, synonym with gourmet feast and beginning of spring, is characterized by chocolate gifts. The occasion for Coutellerie Nontronnaise to highlight a chocolate dessert concocted by Eric Daubert, Chef of the Grand Hôtel Pélisson in Nontron. In partnership with our Team, Éric Daubert created two Nontron pocket knives with clog handle made from chocolate.

A pocket knife to chew…

A pocket knife to chew…

Open or closed pocket knives

Couteau Nontron en chocolat 2

Two models are available in open or closed position. The closed Nontron knife is filled with chocolate cream. The open pocket knives are made from dark, milk or white chocolates, to offer in its specific packaging to the colors of the cutlery and the hotel.

Couteau Nontron en chocolat 1

On the occasion of Easter, Nontron proposes to “swallow” knives…

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