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Vue extérieure du bâtiment de la coutellerie NontronnaiseThe Coutellerie Nontronnaise is the only manufacture that produces the Nontron knife (name of the village of its birth) and is the heiress of a timeless expertise. It is part of the landscape of French regional knives. A Nontron knife is more than a style: it is a symbol that we defend and a true representation of our country and our know-how. The Nontron knife has ancestry and has inspired many legends dating back to the dawn of time based on both its recognizable shape and its distinctive wood burned symbol.

Origine de la coutellerie Nontronnaise

The Nontron knife is the oldest French knife whose originating from the 15th Century. Either pocket or table knives tool with may uses, essential for the working man, a companion to every meal, the Nontron knife was the pride of an entire region and acts as a passport for the people belonging to the territory.

Heirs of a local antique knowhow, the cutlermen of the Coutellerie Nontronnaise make knives by hand with the same techniques as their ancestors: sawing the dried boxwood, shaping the handles, assembling, wood burning and finishing. Only the workshop has changed: it moved from the banks of the Bandiat River to the centre of the village, providing a more pleasant environment to its employees and allowing visitors to appreciate the craftsmanship of the Nontron knife.

  • Bâtiment extérieur de la coutellerie Nontronnaise
  • Vue extérieure de la coutellerie Nontronnaise
  • Vue extérieure du bâtiment de la coutellerie Nontronnaise

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