Nontron tabletop accessory, associated with an iconic dessert from this city for mother’s day

Mother’s day is the occasion to display some sweetness… not only human but gastronomic… and also the softness of the gesture accompanying the good times of offering a traditional gift. The Coutellerie Nontronnaise collaborated with the French designer Christian Ghion to create this wonderful cake knife sold online that fits with the approach of our craftsmanship for centuries: to propose tabletop accessories that combine traditional skills perfectly integrated in a contemporaneous environment.

The cake knife with a wood burned boxwood handle created by Christian Ghion
for Coutellerie Nontronnaise.

The cake knife with a wood burned boxwood handle created by Christian Ghion for Coutellerie Nontronnaise.

Shaped like a trowel, this cake server has a rare elegance. Available with handle made from wood burned boxwood, ebony or ash tree (dishwasher safe). This TD cake knife gives a smooth and warm feeling particularly comfortable to the hand. The Nontron cake slicer is sold online or in our shops.

At Coutellerie Nontronnaise we like to speak about our Green Perigord region where our manufacture is nestled. This wooded region produces fruits in abundance. With the return of spring and its seasonal fruits, Mother’s day can be the occasion to prepare a delicious strawberry pie or clafoutis with freshly picked apricots!


The “nontronnais” is also a cake!

Let’s us introduce a typical fruit of our region : the chestnut. It is the main ingredient of an amazing and very popular dessert in our beautiful region: the « nontronnais”. In the French TV show called  « Les Carnets de Julie », Julie Andrieu has filmed the preparation of this gastronomic ambassador of our city.

Chestnuts, basic ingredient of the Nontron log

Made in the rules of art, the nontronnais uses simple ingredients (chestnut, butter, sugar, rum and chocolate). Thanks to this France 3 program you will be able to prepare this delicious cake. In springtime, frozen chestnuts will do the job to be ready for the D day! A delicious “nontronnais” along with an elegant Nontron cake server… It’s Nontron on your table!

Coutellerie Nontronnaise wishes you a good appetite and a good day to all Mothers worldwide!