Father’s day approach large inspaces and the Nontronnaise cuttingery thought to him with this idea gift : the Nontronnaise folding wood of amarante.

Among the many sleeves and finishes offered on the online Nontron knife shop, a topic caught the attention of the Nontronnaise cutlery teams on the occasion of Father’s Day: amaranth wood. Very appreciated in the world of the decoration, the furnishing and the marquetry, amaranth carried out some kilometers out of Périgord Vert before arriving in our workshops since its distribution is located in South America, more precisely of the isthmus of Panama in central Brazil. It is in planks that Amaranth arrives at Nontron. They were cut from trunks up to forty meters high for a diameter of 80cm.

Freshly cut, the amaranth is almost white but turns purple in the light then takes a patina

Cutlers like to work because it is a hard wood, easy to transform, generally straight. The finished handle is just polished and gets a shiny finish to better cope with the years with its proud owner.


A folder for dad

Buy this knife Nontron amaranth sleeve will certainly make him happy.

This pocket knife n ° 25 sold online is distinguished by its blocking ferrule in nickel silver, its handle
wooden pyrographed shoe and its glossy finish. This pocket Nontron knife comes with
a gift pouch.

On the color side, the precious amaranth wood is characterized by its particular purple hue more or less dark. Freshly cut, it is almost white but turns purple very quickly in the light and takes a darker patina with time.

When ordering knife online, do not forget to ask for a customization of the blade !