On the occasion of the 2016 Gras d’Honneur, Christophe Saintagne, the happy owner of the restaurant “Papillon” in Paris where on the tables enthroned the knives of Nontron, received the members of the brotherhood of the 100% pig “l’Amicale du Gras “.

The association defends the true values ​​of fat for the promotion of taste, good flesh and feasting, without embarrassment, without fear and without reproach. “No fat, there is no taste” proclaims loudly, President Frédérick e. Grasser Hermé, generous organizer of this happy event.

Recipients of these 2016 Honor Gras:

  • Laura Portelli: A funny bit of woman, anti-moroseness. A funny journey too. Nourished in Italy, trained in journalism, she decided to look at the table. A kitchen CAP in her pocket, Laura Portelli multiplies the experiences in the starred, before preferring a “simpler, more popular” meal, the one learned at Stolen Glass or Chez Aline.So now, she keeps the grocery-catering neighbor of Papillon, opened by his half, the former 3-star Christophe Saitagne. On the menu, competition products’ pure cocoa paste Claudio Corallo, olive oil Cédic Casanova, exceptional butters …) and freshly cooked dishes, comfort (remoulade parsnip, pork pie, stew cuttlefish …).

The Guard Eat. 8, rue Meissonier, 75017 Paris.

Good pig and beautiful Nontron table knives to cut it

  • José Da Rosa, well known to lovers of Iberian hams. The latter was indeed the first in France to import this product and we find naturally in his grocery store, a selection of hams “bellota” (pigs fed acorns). Spain is not the only country in the spotlight at Da Rosa, but in the cavern of Ali Gourmet there are marvels from Portugal and Italy, such as Culatello di Zibello, the top of the Italian delicatessen.Da Rosa. 62, Rue de Seine, 75006 Paris.
  • Gilles Vérot, Authentic Charcuterie Artisan. The man is not one to trumpet his titles of glory. And yet … Champion of France of the leading cheese in 1997, taken of honor in 1998 for his sausage of Vire, first prize of honor the same year for his andouillette of Troyes, vice-world champion of the pie in 2011. His products are now on the cards of Yannick Alléno’s bistro in Paris, the wine bar and Daniel Boulud’s brewery in New York and London. Head cheese, ham on the bone, pate of Houdan, black pudding, pie, chicken terrine with olives, tagine of lamb … enthroned in the windows of its two Parisian shops, which would convert to the pleasures of the Servite flesh of Mary in full Lent.3, rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs, 75006 Paris (; www.verot-charcuterie.fr), and 7, rue Lecourbe, 75015 Paris (

Around the table d’hôtes, the Aperitif des Graleurs or nibbling of pork (selection of José Da Rosa, grocer of the world) sausages and Iberian chorizos, crostini of semi-crystallized tomatoes with lardo di Colonnata.

To begin with bread from the bakery Dominique Salibron, a performance Hock Pig poached in beeswax after the recipe Brétillot / Darné followed by a beautiful couennerie signed La Portellie (it does not invent, it does not do not explain, it is eaten …). Follows a pie Crust Gilles Verot (yellow farm poultry, duck foie gras, Pig Pillow style pillow of the Belle Aurore, for connoisseurs). To chain, a farmer pig, flat scoundrel for a walk to Utah-Beach with crunchy Anna crispy apples. The guests were not deprived of dessert with a “Cake Raté” dark chocolate Ceiba 64% accompanied by a coffee named Désir, a tight espresso of Catnai Marcala, prestigious terroir of altitude of Honduras, served by Hippolyte Courty of the Caged tree. Bu and approved, a selection of delicate beverages by Thibaut Martin, Cavuste from Papillon: Exile 2015 Blan Chenin-Chardonnay (Lise & Bertrand Jousset); A Rouge Domaine Plageoles (subtle blend of Brancol, Duras, Black Jurançon, Moroccan Gris, Manzac Green, Piquepoul gris, Black Prunelart and Verdanel) or for beer lovers (a mousse to taste with the pig) Mission Deck & Donohme Brewers from Montreuil-sur-Seine.

Presentation of the Nontron ham knife by Christian Sarrot, representing the Nontronnaise cutlery, in Frederick e. Grasser Hermé.

Opportunity was made to present the Nontron ham knife, highly appreciated and now recommended by this band of happy epicureans.