The music festival is an opportunity to talk about the Nontron violin knife, an essential pocket instrument for picnics and summer gastronomic reunions.

June 21, the beginning of summer, is now marked by this traditional relay of the season in music. The Coutellerie Nontronnaise team has decided to offer you a tourist discovery of Périgord Vert like no other.


It starts of course in the workshops of our knife factory in Nontron, with the presentation of an object all found for the festival of music: the violin knife. This complaint, whose origins date back to the end of the 19th century, is characterized by a slightly swollen neck towards the middle, evoking the famous four-stringed musical instrument. The handle of our violin knife is presented in boxwood and receives by pyrography the famous logo of the Coutellerie Nontronnaise; With a total length of 17 or 19 cm, this Nontron is equipped with a stainless steel blade.

The Violin, a Nontron knife to buy online at our shop
Note that part of the site comes to place the Coutellerie Nontronnaise in its environment with, alongside the historic part of the company, a tour of the city of Nontron and a tourist discovery of Périgord Vert. Behind the virtual, the goal also remains that this site can generate meetings by offering Internet users to come to Nontron, discover the manufacture of our knives by visiting the workshop of our Manufacture contemporary design.
Created or restored, the musical instruments have their paradise in Périgord Vert with the presence of two luthiers :

  • Jean Verly, at Cluzeau near Périgueux, specializes in the creation and repair of classical guitars. The craftsman exhibited his know-how at a recent Crafts Fair in Nontron.
  • Philippe Mousnier is the old man factor wheeled on the heights of Nontron, Savignac de Nontron. In addition to the instrument itself, the buyer can choose from a wide choice of sculpted heads to customize the crosier of the old, a true work of art like the one presented in this post, with a finish in linden wood.
Sculpture for old lacrosse stick made by Philippe Mousnier, luthier near Nontron.

Festival of music in ovive

With these summer heats, a musical passage to the Aquatic Complex l’Ovive will be welcome. Wednesday, June 21, go to Saint-Martial de Valette from 19:00. Good reunion to all and long live the beautiful season !