The Grandmothers Day, return on unforgettable sweet moments

We all have a Proust Madeleine well hidden deep inside ourselves. One of these is the famous snacks that sweetened our childhood on Sunday or –even more joyful- during holidays. These magic moments are the only ones we let ourselves disturb during our games of hide and seek or during our summer swimming in the lake next door. A white hair appeared armed with a wicker basket well stocked with drinks and sweet delights. Who does not remember unforgettable jam sandwiches or for hippest grandmothers, artisanal bread baker covered with a famous brand of chocolate spread whose finished pot was religiously stored in the kitchen cupboard.

Jam and fruit juices were of course part of the ceremony.

Nontron bread knife passes down traditions

Among the essentials of these friendly moments, the famous bread knife which in our children’s eyes, seemed millennium as its presence had always seemed natural. Solid with its handle shaped with care, impressive by its shiny, long and always well sharpened blade (“Leave it to me, you’re going to cut your fingers!”), this table accessory sometimes remains a true work of art. This is the case of the model proposed by the Cutlery Nontronnaise recognizable thanks to its full woodburned boxwood handle and its 20cm stainless steel blade. Enough to tackle the most impressive bread wreaths and participate in many other snacks yet. A wonderful gift for all Grandmother for any occasion!

Coutellerie Nontronnaise bread knife, indispensable accessory to yesterday and tomorrow snacks


The bread knife manufactured in Coutellerie Nontronnaise workshop, a very nice and useful tabletop accessory to buy online in order to celebrate our Grandmothers for a long time… and this way passes down traditions.