The duck breast was elected the favorite dish of the French. With him, Périgord Vert is on the front of the plate.

The last week of taste, which highlights each year’s recipes simple or worked with an audience of all ages, has led to several gastronomic surveys among the French. To the question “what are your favorite dishes?”, It is duck breast that has distinguished itself in first or second position, facing preparations as diverse as seafood or rib of beef. The flat duck breast favorite of the French, it is all the South-West that climbs on the podium, especially the Périgord Vert. Grilled in a pan, griddle or barbecue, this filet of lean meat, cut from the breast of a duck fat, essential specialty restaurants in Nontron and surroundings, easily combines with salty or sweet flavors.

The duck breast is served in many restaurants in Périgord Vert.

A beautiful table like Notron

Far from Nontron, to make duck breast for a moment 100% Périgourdin, Nontron cutlery allow to associate the beautiful and the good. The Nontronnaise Cutlery offers cutlery sets consisting of soup spoons, table knives, forks and teaspoon. These tableware accessories in the office range are available in compressed fabric, densified ash and burnished wood handles. Note that ash and compressed cloth are eligible for dishwashers.

The table cutlery from the Office collection, 100% Nontron with their wooden box handle pyrographed.

A duck breast as in Périgord, cutlery made in Nontron … The French have decidedly very good taste.