Three points over a bow, all pyrographed on his sleeve: the Nontron knife

It is an understatement to say that Nontron’s knife personality is asserted. The handle of a carp tail, in a hoof or ball, the wood of the boxwood, its shell, the tempering of its blade in the pure and cold waters of the Bandiat River; all of which contribute to forging one’s identity. But it is a peculiarity among all that confers to him this supplement of mystery without which it would not have become this knife apart: it is his signature, three points surmounting a bow, all pyrograved on his sleeve.

Pyrogravure du manche d’un couteau de Nontron

Pyrography, well before the ball round

Form of woodcarving made by burn, the technique of pyrography goes back to the dawn of time, well before the appearance of the Nontron round-neck. When this original signature, meaning and origin are lost in the Perigordian haze of mornings of the world. Why not from the Paleolithic, others evoke the sign of victory, the Spanish bravo used by the students of Salamanca from the early sixteenth century and even Masonic or Moorish symbols … as for the most contemporary, they propose the vault celestial and its constellations of stars.

The legendary Nontron ball-neck, pyrographed.

Whatever the real explanation: one thing is certain, Nontron’s knife has not finished making you dream!

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