Traditional or contemporary, offered in several sizes dans finishes, the Nontron office knives have been set as indispensable table accessories everyday.

Office … Function of preparing the service of the table … Office, place where this function is exercised, where are delicately stored cookware, cutlery, napkins and tablecloths … What’s more natural for the Nontronnaise cutlery to baptize its knives? table to which was added a housewife complete with tablespoons, forks and dessert spoons.
In these festive times when families gather around a large table, the Nontron Office knives have their place. Buying them online to offer them at Christmas is an exceptional gift because they will accompany aesthetically festive tables. The Office is no less practical because light and very sharp, they were designed to peel, cut and slice fruits and vegetables and a tasty piece of game or a succulent well-bred capon in the Southwest.

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From the handle to the compressed fabric, compatible dishwasher

Side finishes and sizes, there is the choice, with a special focus on the traditional model of knife consisting of a boxwood handle with pyrographed logo. He remains one of the ambassadors of the craftsmanship of the Périgord Vert, very appreciated by the tourists and visitors coming to acquire it in store or the Net surfers who buy it on line on our site. Depending on how you want to use it, there you will find the model to your size with a blade length of 9, 10, or 12cm.
Over the years, the galley range has been able to adapt and enliven, witnessing the full-length finish in dishwasher-safe compressed fabric, offering a variety of original colors that can be paired with more contemporary designs. The Office knife was then equipped with a blade in the traditional form or Yatagan recognizable by its curve re-entrant point.

Office cutlery makes excellent kitchen knives.