When buying your Nontron knife online, customize your blade to make your knife a truly unique gift.

Buying a Nontron knife online means choosing between exceptional shapes and finishes. The customization of the blade makes your knife a unique gift for yourself or your loved one. To engrave the words you want, the Coutellerie Nontronnaise has a machine with a diamond tip to engrave the blade.


“Only the T12 blade of your Nontron knife can be customized”

Example of customization of a blade of a Nontron knife.

Only one font is available and allows you to switch between uppercase and lowercase letters. Depending on the length of the blade, it is possible to engrave nearly thirty characters (the customization of your knife can only be done on T12 blade as the letters are illegible on carbon blade due to the patina).

How to customize your blade online?

The option is available on the website of our online store, on the right part of the screen, below the orange rectangle. You will just have to write the text and save it before adding the product to the shopping cart. Requests for customization are most of the time classical: name, first name or more personalized such as “night of love”, “carpe diem” …

Nontron knives are offerered on the occasion of Communion, wedding, Father’s Day… Some famous customers have ordered a customized blade, such as Francis Cabrel (French singer),  Gérard Jugnot (French actor) without forgetting Julie Andrieux (French TV presenter) that visited our manufacture, you can see the video of her visit in the “Périgord Vert“.

The only thing to do now is to choose is the person to whom offer the knife and also the model
that he will enjoy all his life!