Nontron’s crasftmanship in highlight through an exhibition that uses 5 senses. Until September 2, 2017, come to visit the castle !

Nontron and Périgord Vert remain a unique land for the know-how of small craftsmen and workshops of all sizes. The Nontron castle, which houses the Experimental Pole of the Artistic Trades of Nontron and Périgord-Limousin, hosts an exhibition that pays tribute to these initiatives that bring creativity and jobs. In the sumptuous living rooms usually quiet rooms, strange sounds: saw, tape, polish, carve …

Until September 2, 2017, visitors can discover finalized objects presented in their universe of creation highlighting the five senses. 19 workshops present their know-how in the rooms of the castle, which is transformed into a true craft incubator.

The Nontron expo practice

  • When? From Monday to Saturday and every day in July and August, from 10h to 13h and 14h to 18h
  • Where? Experimental Pole of Crafts of Nontron and Périgord-Limousin, castle avenue of General Leclerc, 24 300 Nontron.

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All about Nontron knives

Ceramics, sculpture, upholstery, leather goods, lithography … and cutlery with the workshop of our Nontron factory. The team installed a display rack to provide visitors with a workshop atmosphere by presenting strength tools: polishing disc, pyrography iron, abrasive belts. Knives being finished like blanks of sleeves are also presented, just like a work coat, sawdust …

And to visually feel the atmosphere of the cutlery nearby, photos were hung on the wall, helped by a video shot in the workshops. An excellent introduction to continue by visiting the cutlery without forgetting a passage through the shop that has a full range of knives made in Périgord Vert.

Many people around the knives during the opening of the exhibition of the castle of Nontron.

Evidence of the public’s enthusiasm for Nontron cutlery and crafts, the opening of the exhibition attracted many visitors, well led by the music group “3615 TOUT COURT”.