Two models of spreads made in Nontron are available on our online shop. Spreaders for all tastes!

This year, you are on time, you’ve done your Christmas shopping two month ago!   You are ready to spend a memorable evening with … but  you’ve forgotten ….

Don’t worry, it’s still possible to make it up, thanks to “La Coutellerie Nontronnaise “and its two spreader knives!

Design spreader knife: touch of chic!

buy online Design spreader knife

Designed by the French designer Christian Ghion, the black spreader knife will do beautifully on the trendiest tablecloth. Made of ebony, the handle counterparts perfectly with the stainless silver and mirror polished finish round blade. So do the ring and the but which shape adds the final touch of chic.

Also available in boxwood, and ash tree dishwasher safe.

The beauty of our traditional butter knife

buy online a traditional butter knife for Christmas gift

With its ball shape handle, the boxwood spreader knife is an heir of our tradition and know-how. Carved with infinite delicacy by the hand of our craftsmen, the handle shows the wood burned emblems of what is said to be the oldest French knife. The master card to give a sense of heritage to your tablecloth.