Christmas gift of circumstance that the magnificent oyster knife proposed by our cutlery of Nontron.

Christmas is coming and with this holiday, gourmet reunions where the dishes of choice are essential ingredients. In the Périgord, country of poultry, one will be delighted with a traditional guinea fowl or a good capon bred in the open air, without forgetting a foie gras prepared in Dordogne. The department also stays close to the sea, which is why oysters are also part of the festivities. This is the opportunity to use the oyster knife specially designed by the Coutellerie Nontronnaise.

Presented in the Boule collection, featuring the traditional woodburned box handle with the logo of the Nontron Cutlery, the oyster knife has a 7 cm stainless steel blade, easily recognizable by the hole of the size of an oyster pearl. which gives him a certain personality.

A Christmas gift idea? Buy online this oyster knife will delight you
offering a touch of Nontron to your seafood platters.

At the Nontronnaise cutlery, we like to choose oysters and cut them up without cutting ourselves. Follow our advice!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 … What are these numbers?

The numbers you see on the stalls are simply the size of the oysters, their size. The smaller the number, the bigger the oysters. Queens of the most popular seafood platters usually have the 2 sizes (between 86g and 110g, the most consumed), 3 (from 66g to 85g) and 4 (between 46g and 65g). The largest oysters (0 and 1) are perfect for hot cooking.

Open oysters in 3 steps

1- With one hand take a folded tea towel and place the oyster in the hollow; this will open it without hurting you;

2- With the other hand, slide the tip of the blade of your Nontron knife into the tip of the oyster and force the opening.

3- Slip the tip of the knife along the shell, cut the muscle holding the oyster and eliminate the scales that have fallen into it. We advise you to empty the water; if the oyster remakes its water, it is a sign of freshness.