The Perigord black truffle inspired the Nontronnaise cutlery in the design of an exceptional folding knife design.

In these autumnal beginnings, in the heart of the Périgord Vert, in the charming village of Nontron the Nontronnaise cutlery, “can bring back its truffle” with this amazing Nontron folding knife with ebony ball handle carved “truffle”! Logic, the region is one of the first to encourage this singular fruiting, the famous black truffle, resulting from the symbiosis between an underground mushroom and its tree whether oak, linden or charms. Being formed in this period that separates the Assumption on August 15 from the nativity on September 8, it is all the more tasty as the sunshine and the rain will have been balanceds.

Truffle imitation ebony ball neck for this 100% Périgourdin pocket knife.

Then this “sacrum sacrorum” gastronomes, according to Alexandre Dumas and his great dictionary, joins our tables. The Coutellerie Nontronnaise has selected two recipes concocted by the author of Three Musketeers. It is not so complicated to eat as d’Artagnan!

Recipe ideas

Truffles with ashes

Brush the truffles in the water to remove the earth they still hold, wipe them, put them on a double sheet of paper, well wrapped in bacon bard seasoned with salt and pepper, fold the paper and cover all of a third sheet of wet paper; being cooked, remove them to dry, serve under a folded towel. They can also be baked dry in buttered paper.

Truffles with Champagne wine.

Peel large truffles, go for a pan of slices of veal and ham, put some truffles on it with a bouquet garni, some whole mushrooms, bacon, salt and pepper; cover with bards of bacon, wet with a little sweet white wine a little sweet, cook slowly; when they are cooked, remove them, pass the cooking a little defatted.

Gastronomy in Périgord …

A little gastronomic tourism in Périgord and more particularly in Nontron, controlled by the group of truffle growers of Brantôme – Mareuil known as “Terres de truffes”, the truffle market which “perfumes the atmosphere” is held in January. Chef Eric Daubert of the Grand Hotel Pelisson and inventor of the Nontron chocolate knife is usually in the party for a tasting demonstration? Also, in Sorges, an inn has made it his workhorse: the inn truffle.

Finally, the Nontronnaise COutellerie will not resist the pleasure of quoting … Marcel Proust who truffle makes use of the most metaphorical “You are afraid because there is a corridor, bouge of truffle”. Now, late, your child tadpole? Do not hesitate to say “truffle the truffle” and if you are challenged, you will answer, “Marcel Proust, he writes him!

Truffle and Périgeux sauce, regional wedding

The truffle is the essential regional ingredient for a specialty served in many restaurants of Nontron and its region: the Périgueux sauce, which comes with autumn game, a good rib of Limousin beef without forgetting the famous duck breast , favorite French favorite.

1 carrot
2 butter nuts or duck fat
Salt pepper
4 shallots
20 cl of dry white wine
20 cl of veal stock
2 tablespoon of Madeira
20g of flour

Preparation of the sauce

Peel and finely cut carrots and shallots and fry them in a knob of butter; add a little flour and stir. Add the white wine and mix. Cook for 2 minutes then pour the veal stock. Cook over low heat until the mixture reduces by half.

beef rib of Limousin sauce Périgueux (photo Wikipedia)

truffle in small pieces and add them to the sauce. Add a second knob of butter while whisking everything. Leave the sauce on low heat for about ten minutes. Put salt and pepper at your taste.

Perigueux sauce and Nontron Truffle knife … in autumn the good and the beautiful have an appointment in Périgord Vert.