Tourism in Périgord Vert with the discovery of 2 taste and colorful treasures: saffron, red gold, and truffle, aptly named black diamond. Direction Verteillac near Nontron.

Typical hamlet Perigord, in the same family for over 300 years, Le Repaire is located in the heart of the Perigord between oak forests and hilly grain land. Verteillac is only a few kilometers from Nontron … Périgord Vert produces not only Nontron knives but also dishes with unique flavors and colors. For the love of the land and the authentic product, Le Repaire has imposed a natural way of cultivating two Périgord jewels: the Black Diamond and the Red Gold, a place where black truffle culture blends with saffron.


Consumed since Antiquity, it was not until Brillat-Savarin that the truffle of Périgord obtained its nobility in cooking. The Tuber Melanosporum, known as Périgord, can not leave indifferent; its powerful perfume is incomparable, its unique taste. Harvested from December to March, it is the possibility to consume it fresh at this time or throughout the year canned.


Tour-tasting of production and truffle trading, saffron cultivation and by-products
on the property "Le Repaire", 24320 VERTEILLAC. Every Monday at 4 pm from July 1st to August 31st
on appointment. "The Lair", 24320 Verteillac.

Call number : 06 12 47 68 81
On Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th July, the Vitonie district of Saint-Pantaly-d’Excideuil will host the traditional Bread Festival. The ovens will cook the golden loaves prepared with local organic flour. These will be offered to visitors who will be able to participate in the trad dance on Saturday evening led by Lou Gouïats and Koffee Miam Miam.


The Nontron bread knife, perfect tool

This traditional bread knife, made in France according to traditional methods
of the NONTRONNAISE KNIFE, belongs to the Office range.
It has a full handle in pyrographed boxwood, glossy finish.
Stainless steel blade. Length of the blade 20 cm, handle length 10 cm.
Total length of the knife 30 cm. Gross weight 150 g.
Ideal for all types of bread, its microdentated blade allows you to cut the crust without crushing the bread.
This year, the village wanted to honor the ball on all its forms. Sunday, July 11, on the site of Coderc, at the edge of the river, great moment of relaxation and conviviality with 12:30, a traditional country meal and a hot dish cooked in the wood oven. In the afternoon, animation around the theme of the balloon: musical parody by the Racing Club of Saint-Pantaly, Banda of Hope, contest of soap bubbles, jumping balloons, drop balloons and messages of children, followed by ‘a show on the theme’ Back to the future ‘and Vagamundos’ show (acrobats, juggling, hula-hoop).
… and saffron red

Ancestral culture that does not suffer any mechanization, from red to bright yellow, saffron is one of the unknown jewels of Périgord. After being actively cultivated in France in the eighteenth century, the production of this spice undergoes an irreversible decline after the French Revolution. The virtues of saffron are multiple. On the culinary level, there is magic in each preparation and in terms of nutrition and health, its role as an antioxidant agent is well established.

Jams enhanced with a hint of saffron where strawberry Périgord alongside the dandelion flower or melon Charente, without pectin, gelling or preservative. Small shortbread, tasty cakes with Dordogne nuts or walnuts of Dordogne walnuts covered with a simple frosting sugar according to a jealously guarded ancestral recipe will complete the basket of visitors.