Make the most of your “stay at home” with this Walnut cake recipe and don’t forget to open the walnut pods with our nutcracker “La Coutellerie Nontronnaise”

Between Lalinde and Mussidan, the Valley of the Dordogne and the Valley of the Isle, till the Land of Lias, Walnut trees are brightening up the landscape.

Perigord walnut and its fruits have benefited from a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) since 2002 (AOC) and 2004 (European AOP). From its shell is made the walnut stain used by the cabinetmakers and artists, from its rings ae made thousand things among which the wonderful oil and … the fruits of the tasty Dordogne walnut cake!

Try a Grandma’s vintage dessert with our gourmet recipe adapted from the book of Rose Montigny, “Cuisine sans Souci” (Editions Robert Laffont -Collection Bouquins). And to open walnuts, use the pretty nutcracker “La Coutellerie Nontronnaise”!

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Buy our nutcracker online


… And discover our recipe of walnut cake

recipe of walnuts cake


For six people: 180 grams of white sugar- 3 spoonful of Armagnac PDO -2 teaspoon of Coffee extract – 5 eggs, 15 grams of butter – 6 sponge fingers – 12 Perigord walnut rings PDO or 225 grams of Perigord walnut rings PDO. 1 glass ½ liquid cream.


Separate the eggs and set aside the egg yolks. Put the egg yolks in a bowl, add the sugar and the Armagnac. Mix till you obtain a smooth and creamy consistency. Add the crushed sponge fingers and chopped walnuts. Beat the egg whites until stiff (with a whisk or blender), fold gently into the mixture. Grease a cake pan (26 diameter) with butter, place the preparation in it. Bake and cook on low heat (Temperature marks 4/120C°) for 45 minutes – the oven will have been pre-heated. Leave to cool and de-mould. Meanwhile, whisk the cream with the remaining sugar, add the coffee extract and crumb-coat the cake with the layer. Decorate with POD Perigord walnut rings.

Our tip: if you don’t have Armagnac POD, replace it with Rum.

Adult gourmets will enjoy tasting a traditional old Red Banyuls, a sweet POD wine from south of France and for children, (without Armagnac or Rum…) choose a good artisanal French lemonade soda. Little Gourmands will add some chocolate chips…