Damascus blade, a millefeuille dressing for exceptional Nontron knives.

The range of Nontron number 25 folding is available with a prestigious finish: the damascus blade that comes to participate in the unique side of the knife. Looking closely, the lucky owner of a Nontron damas will be able to admire its naturally inlaid curves and designs.

Superposition of steels for damask knife

Before donning these moire shades, the carbon damascus blade was superimposed with 140 layers of metal, alternating between hard steel and softer steel. The blade has been hammered, stretched and soaked in acid which naturally blackens the carbon; in addition to its unique appearance damascus blade is distinguished by its great strength.

Buy a folding Nontron Damascus knife online

Associated with a Damascus blade, the Nontron Folding Knife No. 25 Ball that you can buy online, is a
perfect artistic assembly:
- of colors, with a perfect marriage between the boxwood finish and the carbon gray;
of form, with this contrast between the curves of the sleeve and the angular shapes of the blade.

This damask folding is a unique gift for the many upcoming festivities:
birthday, communion gift, father's day ... Offering a Nontron is the gift of a lifetime!

From Iran to Damascus: history of tones

Damascus blade invented in Damascus? Not at all! It is not in Syria that this process would have appeared, but in Iran where we find this first superposition of metals. The name damas comes in fact moiré fabrics made in the Syrian capital that are found on the polished steel blades. Today we do not hesitate to speak of Damascus lama.

How to maintain your Nontron damask?

We recommend keeping the blade of your nontron knife in a dry environment; however, avoid keeping your damask a leather sheath, which can retain moisture. In case of oxidation, simply pass on talc or argan oil, then wipe your damascus blade with a very soft cloth.